I am the opposite of a partygoer, so I have asked my friends to give recommendations instead!

An easy choice is going to the Meat Packing District as it has plenty of pubs, dinner places and even discos!

You want to keep it cheap

Bodegas are the key here. Just be aware: They are cheap, they have barely no food, and people can smoke inside.

I don’t know any, but ask for bodegas at the theatre!!

  • Sørens - Map - 70kr(9€) for a pint
    Very close to the ICC, this Danish bodega lets you smoke inside if that is your jam (that is the reason why I only go if I can stay outside). Cheap beers.

You are ok going Fancy

  • Bar 7 - Map - 100kr/cocktail
    Fancy. Crowded sometimes. Very nice atmosphere, and pretty nice tasting cocktails. Very close to everything in the city center.

  • Ruby - Map - 130kr/cocktail
    Even fancier, but very nice cocktails! You might need to dress up a little notch.

You just want to dance!!

There are some dancing places or salsa, swing and latinos; and many people from the ICC are dancers so just ask if that’s your jam!

  • Ved siden af - Map -
    It’s electronic!

None of these is what you were looking for?

Don’t be afraid! Ask around! We are more than welcomed to help you on anything, and it can be an amazing way to break the ice. If you think that I am missing a MUST HAVE on the list, feel free to drop me an email me@ginogalotti.com.

Also, poke me on Facebook if you need a quick answer (or a pointer to a better person to ask).