There is nothing more Danish than overpaying for hygge in a cup. Many of my guests are coffee addicts so, even if I don’t drink it, I can relay their recommendations. There are plenty of design and stylish cafes around, so here we are going for unique experiences

  • Coffee Collective - Map - 50kr(6.7€) for a latte
    I am recommending the one at Torvehallene, where you can find plenty of food too. This is, my many, the best coffee in town. They prepare it in every possible way, and you can also buy the grains if you want. Give yourself a treat!

  • Emmerys - Many places! - 50kr(6.7€) for a latte
    This chain-coffee is usually a winner among my friends. You can pair it with a nice organic pastry!

  • Democratic Cafe - Map - 50kr(6.7€) for a latte
    This is one of the main libraries in the city, such an iconic place to have a coffee and a nice chat with your friends. Everytime I had to vote, was here; so I truly feel democratic!

  • Mad&Kafe - Map - 50kr(6.7€) for a latte
    This is, hands down, the most instagramable cafe around. It also have nice sandwiches and the best fries ever. If you go to the one next to my place, you will see the cutest bathroom I have every encountered. I don’t want to spoil it, but I brought my partner there just to show her the bathroom to understand the definition of hygge in DK. It should be listed on the tourist flyers.

I am starving, need some food now! Meaty food!

I am not going to recommend many traditional Danish places, but some of the spots I really enjoy.

  • Dalle Valle - Map - 120kr(16€) for the buffet
    A really complete buffet (slightly cheaper for lunch) where you can find many local dishes and the common continental-breakfast choices. I always recommend it to starving guests!

  • Torvehallene - Map - depends on the place, but around 100kr(14€)
    This food market offers both prepared meals and local products. You can find one of the best local smørrebrød (bread with things on top), although it is the fancy pricey kind. I always end up going to Grød, where you can have AMAZING porridge and risottos.

  • Paludan - Map - 100kr(14€) for a meal
    Such a lovely place to have a meal, and it is very Instagrammable with all the pretty books. You will find plenty of students and good looking Danes trying their best to find hygge.

  • Kalaset - Map - 150kr(20€) for a brunch
    Got the award of the best brunch in town. Not my cup of tea (a little bit too hipster), and it gets packed very fast; but it’s very loved by the community.

  • Slurps Ramen - Map - 120kr(16€) for a brunch
    Got the award of the best brunch in town. Not my cup of tea (a little bit too hipster), and it gets packed very fast; but it’s very loved by the community.

  • Kødbyen - Map - depends on the place, but around 130kr(17€)
    This place is full of fancy options to eat. There are plenty of options (Italian, meaty, etc.), and it’s quite hip… I am sure you will find something!


A short list of pizzas nearby. My Italian family forces me to use italics to refer to this version of their national dish.

  • Affordable version - Many places! In most corners - 50kr(6.7€) for pizza - Most pizza places around are good enough. Remember to order to local delicatessen: Kebab pizza. The special one also includes lettuce.
  • Rosso Pomodoro - Map - 120kr(14€) for pizza - A nice treat if you think you deserve a date (with or without company). Nice pizza, but be prepared to wait.


A passion of mine, I will include a list of my top choices

  • Gasoline Grill - Map - 100kr(14€) for burger - Greasy to-go version. It has a nice taste, with a very basic selection. I don’t think the fries are worth the price!
  • YoBurger - Map - 120kr(16€) for menu - Avocado one (no bacon) is my go-to. Nice taste, not too greasy, was my fave place for a while.
  • Originale Burger - Map - 100kr(13€) for menu - A sitting place, with amazing quality. You can order the “traditional danish beef sandwich” to have a more local experience (bring an apron)
  • Mad&Kafe - Map - 120kr(16€) for menu - I loved the burger, and the fries are superb.
  • Katz - Map - 120kr(16€) for a menu - I was surprise by how much I liked their burgers. The Mexican one is not super spicy, and it tastes incredible. Nice amount of meat too.

I am hungry, but I want to avoid animal products

Most places before should offer some Vegetarian option, but let’s include some specialist choices! I will add some vegan desserts on the next section too

  • Vegan hotdogs - Map - can’t remember!
    Very tasty vegan hotdogs! If you have never tried some, you will be surprised!

  • Riz Raz - Map - 120kr(14€) for the salad buffet
    It is a Mediterranean cuisine place with amazing meat dishes and a nice vegetarian salad buffet (cheaper for lunch). It has amazing hummus, pretty nice falafel, lasagna and plenty of salads. I prefer the other location, but it is 5 minutes further.

  • One bowl - Map - pay as you can
    This social place offers an affordable meal to anyone in need, asking for a fair price to everyone who can afford it. Most times it is a plant-based dish, but it changes by the deal. I love supporting this initiative, and you will meet PLENTY of interesting people with a unique story of the city.

My sweet tooth is having some cravings

Oh. Dear. I get you. No judgement. When people come to visit, they love having some cinnamon-stuffed pastries that you can find everywhere! They are out of the way, but here is where I get my treats!

  • Lagkagehuset - Map - 50kr(6.7€) for a pastry
    Among the franchised-bakeries, this is my favourite one. It is not on the affordable side, but the quality is really good. I would recommend some of the kanelsnegle (cinamon rolls), but just go and feel inspired. If you want to go local, brunsviger has an unique taste (tons of brown sugar).

  • Slice of SF - Map - 50kr(6.7€) for a piece of cheescake
    For me, the best piece of plain cheesecake you can find in the city. Very simple. And super yummy.

  • Erik Bagery - Map - 20kr(3€) for a pastry
    This is my go-to bakery. They have amazing cakes and pastries, with neightbour-friendly prices and it is always packed. The selection is huge so bring the belly empty! You can also get an amazing deal with TooGoodToGo at 6pm (only 30kr/3.5€).


Nothing more Danish than having icecream on the cold. It is actually really good! You can’t go wrong with the franchises (like Paradis), but here are some of my local gems

  • Nicecream - Map and Map - can’t remember, 100kr? - Vegan icecream made with coconut milk. It taste amazing, and you can also include cookies and some other extras!
  • Munchies - Map - 100kr(13€) for a cone - The most instagrammed icecream. They put it on bubble waffles.
  • Social foodies - Map - 40kr(6€) for cone - I love the fruit icecream from there. One of the best cherry one I’ve ever had!

None of these is what you were looking for?

Don’t be afraid! Ask around! We are more than welcomed to help you on anything, and it can be an amazing way to break the ice. If you think that I am missing a MUST HAVE on the list, feel free to drop me an email

Also, poke me on Facebook if you need a quick answer (or a pointer to a better person to ask).