You have some days on the weekend, and after three days there is not much else to see in the city. I get you. I would recommend you to just relax and enjoy, but if you really want to see something extra for that day, let’s explore some cool ideas!

So you want some culture

  • Frederiksborg Castle - Map - 1 hour train
    Frederiksborg is a small castle where they have kept every room decorated as a different period in time. For me, the best part is he gorgeous gardens that surround the castle. A very nice trip, especially if you are not used to medieval sight-seeing!

  • Hamlets castle - Map - 1 hour train You already know Hamlet is a fictional character, so I won’t get into that. This is the castle that served as inspiration for Hamlet. Depending on the season, you will find different troupes performing parts of the play. Most of the time it is a kid-friendly version, but during summer they do some astonishing performances.

So you want some Denmark

  • Roskilde - Map - 40 min train - Around 100kr(13€) for the train
    The old capital of Zealand, you can find a nice cathedral and a Viking museum. The museum also serves as a workshop to learn how to make your own Viking ship, have some trips on one of their old ships, learn how to make the tools, storytelling… etc. It is on the outside, so try to avoid going there on crappy days!

  • Århus - Map - 3-4 hour bus - Around 200kr(18€) for the bus
    Second biggest city in the country, I would spend at least two days to really see it. You will find a Modern Art museum, and a village where they made a replica of Denmark during different periods of time (Gammel By). I loved the later!

So you want another stamp on your passport

Assumming you’re not from EU, of course. There is no passport stamps here!

  • Malmö - Map - 40 min train - Around 200kr(26€) for the train both ways
    You are in Sweden now! The bridge to get there is astonishing (there is an entire TV show about tha bridge). Malmö is a pretty small city where you will find some nice pedestrian streets. Everything is considerable cheaper there, in case you want to check stores! I would also consider visitting Lund, as it is very close and have a pretty nice cathedral!

  • Berlin - Map - 90 min flight - Around 50€ for the plane
    I mean, if you really can’t think of anything to do in the city, you can always spend some days in Berlin! It is cheaper than what you think getting there!

None of these is what you were looking for?

Don’t be afraid! Ask around! We are more than welcomed to help you on anything, and it can be an amazing way to break the ice. If you think that I am missing a MUST HAVE on the list, feel free to drop me an email

Also, poke me on Facebook if you need a quick answer (or a pointer to a better person to ask).