You are here already. You are a person with a mission, but you are in Copenhagen anyway, so why don’t get a little taste of the city? Let’s get some snaps so your Instagram feed believes you came to Denmark!

TIP: If you’re planning to visit Tivoli, feel free to ask around because some of us have Year Tivoli cards. Even if they are personal, there are ways to use lend them. Feel free to poke me on Facebook.

This is not an extensive list by any means. If you want to check the must sees, please consult any official guide like VisitCopenhagen or LonelyPlanet. If you are up for an adventure, you can even use Atlas Obscura.

Here I am going to share the things I recommend my guests outside of the main areas, in case you want to feel inspired!

So you want green

  • Frederiksberg have - Map Closest metro Frederiksberg - Free
    Frederiksberg is a small city inside the city. I like to think of it as the Royal Neighbourhood, as everything look and sound so posh. I really like this park to just stroll around, have a peak on the elephants (it is next to the zoo) or just have a picnic on the nice slope.

  • Cemetery - Map Closest metro Nørreport - Free
    My guests usually like the idea of seeing a city embracing its cemeteries. It feels like a park (first time I was there, I saw a cheerleadering team practising; and it’s pretty common seeing plenty of cuddling and not-so-PG-13 snuggling on summer there).

  • Deer forest and Bakken - Map 30 min train ride - Free
    The theme park (Bakken) might be close (depending on the season). If it’s sunny and not too cold, it’s a pretty cool walk on the nature, and I have found very approcheable deers many times! Better than most of my Tinder dates.

So you want water

You came to a city with a beach… why don’t take advantage of that? I know, it is probably freezing, but when has that stopped you from having fun?

I would encourage you to try some of the Spa experiences but I don’t have any particular recommendations on that regard!

  • Amager Strand - Map Closest metro Amager Strand - Free
    If you’re brave enough, I love freaking my friends out with Sauna or Winter bathing on the beach. It iscold as hell, but it is more common that what you think. And most people are shocked by how natural and different feels the Danish relationship with nature and nudity. This is the beach I usually go for having some walks and maybe dipping my head.

  • The Harbour - Map - Free
    During the (week of) Summer, I love coming to this structure and jumping head first to the water. It is perfectly safe and quite magical being in a city where I can just do that. The city spent a lot of money and time cleaning the waters of the harbour so people could enjoy them at any point.

So you want MORE improv

The ICC has shows every evening on two mainstages, and you probably have a hefty discount to see them! In case you want to check more improv in the city, you have

  • Steel House - Facebook event - Free
    A group of friends starteed this community driven humble Improv night where students and members from different Improv communities come to have a show! It usually starts with a 2-prov set, followed by a variety of groups like: experienced Danish improvisers having an English shows, Short Form games from students, or Jams!

  • Yes Hat - Facebook event - Pay as you want
    They have been doing improv for MANY years, but recently they started performing in English once a month. They have a band, a cool theatre and they perform Musical Improv with plenty of sound effects! You can have a chat with them afterwards, they have brought teachers to give workshops if that’s what you want!

  • Improv at 1420 - Facebook event - 20kr I haven’t seen them yet, but they are performing some short form every Wednesday at this bar! I really like the people organising it!

So you want a museum

You have the regulars: National Museum with story and culture, Glyptotek as Carlsberg’s private art collection, SMK as an art gallery and the Danish Design Museum if you want a dip on Denmark’s biggest export (besides beer). If your jam is modern art, you can take a 40 minutes train to Louisiana.

But here are some of the ones I love that are slightly less mainstream.

  • Medicine Museum - Map - Can’t remember the price
    Very small collection of utensils and techniques that have been hisorically used for medical purposes. As a son of a Doctor, I dig this stuff

So you want a pretty view

But we came here for the pretty pictures… didn’t we?

  • Parlament Tower - Map - Free
    Depending on the time, you might have to queue, but it is the second tallest view of the (flat) city, and the only one which is actually free (and easy to climb).

  • Kastellet - Map - Free
    This funny-shaped park (next to the Little Mermaid) was my place to disconnect and ponder about the day after work. It has a pretty view of the sea, it is green enough and you can find silly things to take pictures with. What else do you need?

None of these is what you were looking for?

Don’t be afraid! Ask around! We are more than welcomed to help you on anything, and it can be an amazing way to break the ice. If you think that I am missing a MUST HAVE on the list, feel free to drop me an email

Also, poke me on Facebook if you need a quick answer (or a pointer to a better person to ask).