The break is super short and you need something on 10min walk from our beloved ICC? Hope that this help!


There is nothing more Danish than overpaying for hygge in a cup. There are plenty of design and stylish cafes around, but we are here to give some options really close to the ICC. I mean, you might be able to purchase it at the ICC, but maybe you want somewhere to have a chat.

  • Emmerys - Map It is literally in front of the ICC, did you really need one? - 50kr(6.7€) for a latte
    This organic bakery chain offer ok coffee for around 50kr (6.7€). It closes at 6pm, and you can grab a bunch of lefover bread using the TooGoodToGo phone app for 30kr (3.5€) if you go right before they close.

  • Katz - Map. Literally next to Emmerys - 35kr(4.7€)
    Some people come here as the cheapest coffee to-go around. They have nice sandwiches too, in case you want to grab a bite; and I really like their burgers and pastas.

I am starving, need some food now! Meaty food!

Let’s see some fast to-go options and a few sitting down ones

  • Katz - Map (again) - 130kr(15€) for a meal
    I enjoy their burgers, but they also have nice pastas and salads. They offer a nice ‘choose 5 things’ brunch if that is your jam.

  • Slice of SF - Map - 120kr(14€) for a meal They offer burritos, salads and sandwiches. The burritos are pretty nice (and very filling), although I would not expect a traditional Mexican experience. As I will mention down below, they also offer one of the best plain cheesecakes I have had.

  • Kebab - Map - 40kr(5.5€) for durum
    Nothing for filling than a kebab before going on stage! This is a really simple one, but it makes it for me, and it’s quite affordable.

  • Noodle box - Map - 100kr(12€) for box
    Very simple noodle box with an OK-size portion.


A short list of pizzas nearby. My Italian family forces me to use italics to refer to this version of their national dish.

  • Affordable version - Map - 50kr(6.7€) for pizza/panino - It fills you. They have a nice selection. The sandwiches are HUGE.
  • Gorms - Map - 120kr(14€) for pizza - A nice treat if you think you deserve a date (with or without company). Nice pizza, but be prepared to wait.


A short list of burgers places nearby.

  • Max - Map - 130kr(15€) for menu - Fast food with nice Veggie options.
  • Bronx - Map - 120kr(14€) for menu - I like their sweet potatoes. They have a nice variety, and very close.
  • Hungry Dane - Map - 120kr(14€) for menu - They have pulled-pork and similar burgers. Don’t like it personally, but many love it.

I am hungry, but I want to avoid animal products

Most places before should offer some Vegetarian option, but if you prefer something particularly cattered

  • Salad bar - Map - 40kr(5.5€) for a salad box
    Very affordable and with a nice portion size. You can fill the box with different salads, pastas and hummus. It saved me a lot of times when I was in a hurry

  • Riz Raz - Map - 120kr(14€) for the salad buffet
    It is a Mediterranean cuisine place with amazing meat dishes and a nice vegetarian salad buffet (cheaper for lunch). It has amazing hummus, pretty nice falafel, lasagna and plenty of salads. I prefer the other location, but it is 5 minutes further.

My sweet tooth is having some cravings

Oh. Dear. I get you. No judgement. When people come to visit, they love having some cinnamon-stuffed pastries that you can find everywhere! Sadly, my favourite choices are not around the theatre, but we have some nice options!

  • Lagkagehuset - Map - 50kr(6.7€) for a pastry
    Among the franchised-bakeries, this is my favourite one. It is not on the affordable side, but the quality is really good. I would recommend some of the kanelsnegle (cinamon rolls), but just go and feel inspired. If you want to go local, brunsviger has an unique taste (tons of brown sugar).

  • Emmerys - Map - 50kr(6.7€) for a pastry
    This organic bakery also have nice options, and it is way closer to the theatre. Personally, I prefer Lagkagehuset, but I wouldn’t say no if you decide to invite me for something nice from here; and sometimes you get pastries as part of the TooGoodToGo deal at 6pm (only 30kr/3.5€). It is a hit or miss, tho.

  • Slice of SF - Map - 50kr(6.7€) for a piece of cheescake
    For me, the best piece of plain cheesecake you can find in the city. Very simple. And super yummy.

You really need to buy some essentials

You have to keep costs down or need something from the store, these are fastest options!

  • Kiosk - Map
    For the very basics, but it can be useful. Keep in mind you will always pay a prime for convenience, but it is really close.

  • Seven Eleven - Map
    They are nicely stocked here. You can also be like the locals and order some sausages/hotdogs to fight your drunkness!

  • Netto - Map
    Closest actual supermarket. If I recall correctly, it should be open 24/7. It’s on the small size, so don’t expect a huge variety.

But this is the city of beer… where to get hammered?

Disclaimer: I am not the best guide for this, but hopefully some others will help. It is very local to just buy a six pack and drink wherever you want, no one will complain if you drink on the streets or the cannal (although, take care of your litter!).

You are more than welcomed to join us at the theatre (we have a pretty nice beer selection!), but if you want to step out and find something else, here are some inspirations

  • Taphouse - Map - 100kr(13€) for a pint
    Many (30+) small-brewery drafts that change regularly. Don’t be scared to ask the staff, they are more than willing to let you try some before commiting to it. It can get packed really fast, so be aware of it!

  • Sørens - Map - 70kr(9€) for a pint
    Very close to the ICC, this Danish bodega lets you smoke inside if that is your jam (that is the reason why I only go if I can stay outside). Cheap beers.

  • Bastards - Map - 40kr(5€) for a bottle
    I love this place. Bastards is a huge board game cafe that is usually packed. I love finding people with completely different backgrounds enjoying some board game action! I’m sure you can find many volunteers from the theatre to join some games.

None of these is what you were looking for?

If you want more recommendations, and you don’t mind having to move a little bit more, you can check this other list.

Otherwise… don’t be afraid! Ask around! We are more than welcomed to help you on anything, and it can be an amazing way to break the ice. If you think that I am missing a MUST HAVE on the list, feel free to drop me an email

Also, poke me on Facebook if you need a quick answer (or a pointer to a better person to ask).