Thanks for coming to visit us! We are looking forward to have you around! I am aware how expensive and unique CPH is so, in case you may want it, we have compiled a short list of our personal favourites around the city.

We will also include a external list of the must see in CPH, but this are just the personal recommendations that we usually give on demand (but on an easy-to-share form). If you feel outraged that because something is missing, feel free to tell me on; and I will include it!

Important info about Copenhagen

  • Drinking is legal on the street, so be prepared for it. I have never had any issue nor drama, as it is a fairly safe place; but keep it in mind! Most of the people I know walk home at night with no fear.

  • Don’t crush the cans/bottles after you’re done with them! Many people recollect those to get some extra cash (when you bring them back to the store). Just leave them, without crushing, next to a trash can!

  • I am planning on doing a 1 hourish tour around the theatre some of the afternoons. Places like the townhall, Tivoli, Nyhavn, some of the parks, etc. If that’s something up your alley, just poke me on Facebook or send me an email!

Our List