Your experiences improvising in a second language - Being more inclusive

All of you are amazing! What joy to see Improvising Outside of Your Mother Tongue interests others! The response after sharing it on an international improv group was incredible. I will make a short summary of some of those experiences in this post. There are so many lessons to learn! There are too many, actuallo. So I decided to split them into bite-sized posts! In this one, I will focus on experiences teaching us how to be more inclusive. [Read More]

Doing improv outside of your mother tongue

Improv as an artform is gaining ground in more countries every year. Last time I checked, only 13% of people mentioning “improvisation” on Facebook (using Facebook audiences) came from the USA. Next on the list, there was Mexico with 10%, Brazil with 10% and Italy with 5% . It is amazing seeing how improvisation spreads! [Read More]

Let's organise a improv-party show!

Improv theatres like to experiment with new and colourful formats. People can only watch so many Harolds before craving crazier shows! That is why party-style shows sound so appealing to audiences and theatre managers. Recently we started doing it at the theatre I’m part of, and I have spent a lot of time thinking of how to craft my ultimate version! In this post, we will explore together the elements that can enhance this format. [Read More]