I am going through many changes in my life, and I can see how this is affecting my improv journey. I am losing the motivation on the craft (because of a variety of reasons I might explore later on), and we need fix that! Therefore, I am using this blog as a therapeutic resource and remind myself the reasons I fell in love with improv.

This is a biased and personal journey. You can read more details about my experiences with the theatre, classes and early shows. Let’s start!

Why did I joined

In Spain we never had “Whose lines” shows, and my first experience with Improv was a niche (that never took off) Spanish TV show where they would play short form games. It looked SO MUCH FUN! Once, I played with some friends those games while in a train and I loved it (enough that I still remember that from my teenage years), but I never pursue it again.

Fast forward to when I move to Copenhagen. On my first week of work, the theatre did a corporate workshop at my office. I couldn’t attend, but it sent something to the back of my head saying “Oh, Improv is a thing!”.

Months later, while I was trying to improve my Dungeon Mastering skills (for Roleplaying); a very close friend shared that he just joined the Improv theatre and I should try it too.

Then it was the first show I attended. I went by myself, and I loved it. It felt real, close and fun. The performers were hanging out outside the humble theatre and talking to us. I felt so welcomed! It was amazing.

The following week, when I was trying to buy the Friday ticket, I realised that the website was broken and didn’t let me get them; but I could get the offer of 3-Hour workshop + ticket for only 20kr ($3) more… sure! Why not!

After that… well, they say they rest is history, don’t they?

What it meant for me

Besides the fun of the activities itself and finding people who enjoy the same activity (which you can find joining any kind of hobby), there are things that really helped me when joining improv.

The biggest change was feeling accepted on my quirkiness. My friends always complained that they couldn’t have a serious conversation with me without jokes. With this crowd, we can derail, heighten and burn a joke knowing we are shortly coming back to the subject at matter. My quirks feel cherish, not frown upon.

Like the sect it feels like, Improv has provided me with a community where I can be myself and I be met with acceptance and playfulness. On a bad day, I can just show up at the theatre and find friendly faces and smiles.

How is it affecting my life

You can check how it affected my work and my personal relationships, but there are many other aspects being affected by improv.

Thanks to Improv I have found a playful crowd that is usually willing to try new games and activities. I love performing with them but, have you tried playing board games with your assembly? It is so fun that sometimes I am tempted to just record and post it online. Or just having lovely discussions about life, the universe and poo, where everyone understand how to play the game of the chat.

It makes me so engaged that I wanted to open a blog and write about it! I even learned how to record and edit, so I could produce some Improv content!

Things I would always be grateful for

Because of Improv I ended up meeting my partner, so I am extremely grateful for that. We are both active improvisers, and I know of how much this affected our dynamics from the beginning!

It also introduced my to many amazing people who have enriched my life on many ways. I was struggling to find my foot and a group after moving; and Improv was my gateway of all these lovely souls!

What about you?

So, why did you fall in love with Improv? How has been your journey so far?

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