My journey with English - How the language affects me

I was talking with my Canadian partner about my relationship with English, and the effect it has with some of my expat friends. Previously, I have talked about the impact of performing in a second language, and this time I want to share a little bit of the experience on living in a second language, and the pressure most of us felt of you either learn English, or you won’t be successful. Please, take a seat, this might be a bumpy ride. [Read More]

Why I fell in love with Improv

I am going through many changes in my life, and I can see how this is affecting my improv journey. I am losing the motivation on the craft (because of a variety of reasons I might explore later on), and we need fix that! Therefore, I am using this blog as a therapeutic resource and remind myself the reasons I fell in love with improv. [Read More]

2 Manly Men - Why we started it

For the last months, I have been performing a set where two men share a moment of connection. We asked the audience when was the last time they had a deep conversation with another man and, inspired by that, we open ourselves on stage. We call it Two Manly Men. [Read More]
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